March 2018 Posts

CrashCourse: Games

Play thing: voluntary participation; interactive entertainment

  • Toy: without goal
  • Challenge: with goal
    • Puzzle: no other active agent
    • Conflict: second party involved
      • competitions: participants don’t interact or interfere
      • games: participants do interact or interfere
        • Can be AI

Gamification: achievement systems

  • Awarding badges

Why: Connection to each other and history

Project Motorcycle

Project Motorcycle is an investigative journey into the world of motorcycling with the end goal being to buy and ride my own motorcycle with regard to safety.

Stages in the journey will include, but are not limited to:

  • Rationale
  • Risks & Safety
  • Cost (Bike, Bike Modifications, Repair Manual, Bike Gear, Insurance, Training, etc.)
  • Classifications
  • Maintenance
  • Paperwork (Registration, Title, Insurance)
  • Laws
  • Training

Rationale comes first as a pre-requisite to why I would entertain this project at all. Why am I interested ? What fascinates me about it ?

Risks & Safety comes second to check what my appetite is. Am I willing to take the risk once I know the facts ?


Regain my sense of adventure

Feel more connected and present in the world around me

Reason for the ride is the experience, which, creates a heightens sense of  of awareness, as with all dangerous sports.  Many may see it as a drug within it self. And more riding is needed to continue a stimuli for consciousness.  Many are trapped in the mundane and know no other way out.

Riding is true Freedom. Freedom of mind and body.


Sport bikes

Lightweight: up to 500 cc engine

  • Yamaha YZF-R3
  • Kawasaki Ninja 300
  • Kawasaki Ninja 400
  • Honda CBR300R
  • Honda CB500X
  • KTM RC 390
  • KTM Duke 390

EX500, GS500 or SV650

Middleweight: 600 – 700 cc engine

Superbike: 1,000 cc engine


Twist of the wrist 2 by Keith Code or Total Control by LEE Parks

Push left to turn left and vice versa

MSF safety course

Check the insurance

Won’t be able to haggle on a motorcycle purchase from a dealership; add them to throw in gear

Add $500-$1000 for gear

Do not buy a new bike