Technology Leader

This page is created to organize my thoughts and encapsulate various research related to becoming a proficient engineering leader.

To be a proficient technology leader you need to have mastery across the intersection of People, Tech, and Product. You effectively become an entrepreneur for your own startup (team). The team CEO.

  • People/Culture: Hire, Develop, Communicate, Trust, Goals
  • Tech: Data Structures & Algorithms, Front-End, Back-End, DevOps, Infrastructure, Architecture, System Design
  • Product/Business: Vision, Mission, Strategy, Roadmap, Prioritization, Alignment, Results, Goals


The distinct differentiator between a Technologist and a Technology Leader is the inclusion of people management. A technology leader becomes responsible for building and managing effective teams.


A Technology Manager partners with a Product Manager to align on the product roadmap, priorities and timeline. This partnership requires the Technology Manager to have some proficiency in the related market, how good products are designed, and product rollout.


A Technology Manager has a strong foundation as a Technologist, having the skills to design, build, test, secure, deploy and operate software. They must have strong system design skills.