We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. – John Dryden

An activities list is your prioritized daily agenda. Line by line it shows what you intend to accomplish during the current day and, in fact, up to the end of the calendar month. Focusing first on the commencement and completion of the 20 percent that gets 80 percent of the results is what transforms energy-wasting efficiency into results-producing effectiveness.

A prioritized list of all the individual activities, both business and personal, that I intend to accomplish during the current calendar month of June:

  1. AWCA: Login implemented to restrict access only to service subscribers.
  2. AWCA: Three service landing pages created.
  3. AWCA: Knowledge Base set-up for four categories and given restricted access.
  4. HOBBIES: Outline a plan to tackle Spanish and Tennis weekly.
  5. LIBERTY: Create a list of things to do once I am in boston.
  6. LIBERTY: Create a list of things to bring on the initial trip to Boston.
  7. LIBERTY: Fully clean out room to be ready for move out.
  8. LIBERTY: Read the Liberty Mutual packet in full; detailing any questions and concerns.


  1. SH: Take video of me working out and take an image from it, find an image of me with friends/family, decide what image of me traveling is best, and make a new banner for the home page to describe the wealth trinity.
  2. FITNESS: Track week 3 day 3 workout.
  3. HABIT: Complete Habit 1 Day 12 entry.


  1. SH: Write a rough draft mission statement and place it on the board.
  2. SH: Describe what the culture code means and what applies to the code.
  3. SH: Write the first entry into the culture code.
  4. ACWA: Implement contact form as an information form based on John’s requirements.
  5. ACWA: Email subscription implemented with a goal of weekly updates sent out.
  6. HABIT: Complete Habit 1 Day 11 entry.


  1. Comb through all files to establish all valid information to detail in the resume section.
  2. Use tools and programs to accurately capture all information for projects of resume section.
  3. Re-read mission statement section of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.
  4. E-mail Kayla Wheaton that I have a transcript request in.
  5. Track week 3 day 2 workout.
  6. Re-read I Will Teach You To Be Rich to get familiarized with credit cards.
  7. Complete Habit 1 Day 10 entry.


  1. Complete Habit 1 Day 9 entry.
  2. Update the writing on the home page to a point where it fully represents what the site is about.
  3. Research and outline all the menu items necessary to detail resume, culture code, and mission statement.
  4. Install MAMP, install WordPress locally, and find some themes for John.
  5. Request transcript through Fax, scan it, and e-mail it.