A dreams list a spin-off of a bucket-list, where coming up with meaningful things to do, doing it, and crossing it off a list, is the name of the game. I have been inspired by others who have embarked on this journey, and decided that it was truly something I wanted to do as well. I ultimately figured out that a dreams list was the best way to add direction to my studies of behavior, success, and achievement.

My inspirations for this project are the following:

  1. Danny Dover who runs Life Listed is my main source of inspiration. His own life list is powerful and very aligned with the extensive amounts of travel and entertainment I want to have in my own life.
  2. The four guys who run The Buried Life for completing their own bucket list items and helping others accomplish theirs. Not only are they doing what they want to do in life, but are serving their communities. When they spoke at my school it solidified my interest in moving, connecting, and playing through a life list.
  3. Thomas Frank who runs College Info Geek was another reminder that aI can start doing all this stuff right now, while in college. Instead of a bucket list or a life list, he calls his an impossible list and encourages us to live impossibly.
  4. Chris Guillebeau who made it his goal to travel to every country, and actually accomplished it eleven years later.
  5. Matt Harding from his Where the Hell is Matt? videos.
  6. This girl who did a 52 Cups of Coffee project.
  7. Charles J. Givens, the author of SuperSelf and his views on creating a Dreams List.

If I had unlimited time, talent, money, knowledge, self-confidence, and support from my family, here is a list of everything I would like to do with my life:

Big Goals

  • unmarked-checkbox Visit 100 foreign countries. (current: 8)
  • unmarked-checkbox Visit all 50 states and strike the same pose in a photo that identifies the state.
  • unmarked-checkbox Become a published author on behavior, success, and achievement.
  • unmarked-checkbox Start a self-development online business that produces six figures annually.
  • unmarked-checkbox Visit every continent. (current: 2)
  • unmarked-checkbox Become fluently trilingual in Spanish & Romanian.
  • unmarked-checkbox Perform the Piano on stage.
  • unmarked-checkbox Perform a Hip-Hop Dance on stage.
  • unmarked-checkbox Read 1,000 books.

Go to all 7 Continents

  • unmarked-checkbox Antarctica
  • check! North America
  • unmarked-checkbox South America
  • unmarked-checkbox Australia
  • check! Europe
  • unmarked-checkbox Africa
  • unmarked-checkbox Asia

Go to the World’s Biggest Events

  • unmarked-checkbox Go to the Superbowl.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go to the World Series.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go to the World Cup.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go to the Winter Olympics.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go to the Summer Olympics.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go to the Tour De France.

Attend these Events

  • check! St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland.
  • unmarked-checkbox Chinese New Year celebration.
  • unmarked-checkbox Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.
  • unmarked-checkbox Cinco de Mayo celebration in Mexico.

See the World’s Most Amazing Man-made Things

North America

  • check! See the Statue of Liberty (United States – New York)
  • unmarked-checkbox See Mount Rushmore (United States – South Dakota)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the White House (United States – Washington, D.C.)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Golden Gate Bridge (United States – San Francisco)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Willis (Sears) Tower (United States – Chicago)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Liberty Bell (Pennsylvania – Philadelphia)

South America

  • unmarked-checkbox See Machu Picchu (Peru – Machu Picchu)
  • unmarked-checkbox See Christ the Redeemer (Brazil – Rio)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Sydney Opera House (Australia – Sydney)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Acropolis (Greece – Athens)
  • unmarked-checkbox See Big Ben (England – London)
  • unmarked-checkbox See Buckingham Palace (England – London)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Mona Lisa (France – Paris)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Eiffel Tower (France – Paris)
  • unmarked-checkbox See Notre Dame (France – Paris)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Colosseum (Italy – Rome)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Pantheon (Italy – Rome)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Brandenburg Gate (Germany – Berlin)
  • unmarked-checkbox See St. Peter’s Basilica (Italy – Vatican City)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy – Pisa)
  • unmarked-checkbox See Stonehenge (England – Wiltshire)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany – Hohenschwangau)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Sagrada Familia (Spain – Barcelona)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Hagia Sophia (Turkey – Istanbul)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Atomium Building (Belgium – Brussels)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Hungarian Parliament Building (Hungary – Budapest)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Great Wall of China (China)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Forbidden City (China – Beijing)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Taj Mahal (India – Agra)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Moscow Kremlin (Russia – Moscow)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates – Dubai)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Angkor Wat (Cambodia – Angkor)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Golden Temple (India – Amritsar)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Potala Palace (Tibet – Chengguan)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Petronas Towers (Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt – Cairo)

See the World’s Most Amazing Natural Things

North America

  • unmarked-checkbox See the Grand Canyon (United States – Arizona)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Niagara Falls (United States – New York)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Moraine Lake (Canada – Alberta)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Hoover Dam (United States – Nevada/Arizona)

South America

  • unmarked-checkbox See the Amazon Rainforest (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Angel Falls (Venezuela)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland or Germany)
  • unmarked-checkbox See from Pulpit Rock (Norway – Preikestolen)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (Iceland)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)


  • unmarked-checkbox See Mount Everest (Nepal)


  • unmarked-checkbox See the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt – Cairo)
  • unmarked-checkbox See the Ngorogoro Crater wildlife (Tanzania)

See the World’s Coolest Wildlife in the Wild

  • unmarked-checkbox Komodo Dragon
  • unmarked-checkbox Elephant
  • unmarked-checkbox Zebra
  • unmarked-checkbox Hippopotamus
  • unmarked-checkbox Tiger
  • unmarked-checkbox Lion
  • unmarked-checkbox Blue Whale
  • unmarked-checkbox Grizzly Bear
  • unmarked-checkbox Penguin

Clothing/Accessory Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Diamond Earrings
  • unmarked-checkbox Rolex Watch
  • unmarked-checkbox Grandfathers Ring
  • unmarked-checkbox Tuxedo with double flap and top-hat

Fitness Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Chin BW + 90 lbs (current: +42.5)
  • unmarked-checkbox Dip BW + 90 lbs (current: +52.5)
  • unmarked-checkbox Incline Bench BW (current: 135)
  • unmarked-checkbox Press 135 [ExRx Standards] (current: 105)
  • unmarked-checkbox Squat 315 [ExRx Standards] (current: knee rehab)
  • unmarked-checkbox Deadlift 405 [ExRx Standards] (current: knee rehab)
  • unmarked-checkbox Row BW (current: 105)
  • unmarked-checkbox Curl 95 lbs (current: 70)
  • unmarked-checkbox Dunk a men’s basketball.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful muscle up.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful full one-legged squat.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful full one-armed pull-up.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful full one-armed push-up.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful 5-second L-Sit.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful 5-second front lever.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful 5-second planche.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete a graceful 5-second handstand.

Physique Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Measure 15″ biceps. (current: 13.25″)
  • unmarked-checkbox Get under 10% BF at any weight.
  • unmarked-checkbox Have a 30″ waist at any weight.
  • unmarked-checkbox Get my shoulder:waist ratio to be 1.618. (current: 1.382)

Education Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Take a yoga class.
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a cooking class.
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a piano class.
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a hip-hop dance class.
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a massage class.
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a pottery class. 
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a horseback riding lesson.
  • unmarked-checkbox Take a snowboarding lesson.

Community Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Skill Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Learn basic Romanian and conversate with someone fluent.
  • unmarked-checkbox Play a basic Piano song and put it on YouTube.
  • unmarked-checkbox Learn how to change oil.
  • unmarked-checkbox Change a flat tire.
  • unmarked-checkbox Break a board with bare hand.

Professional Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Get 1mill blog visits.
  • unmarked-checkbox Publish a dozen e-books.
  • unmarked-checkbox Write a bestselling book.
  • unmarked-checkbox Publish an Android application.
  • unmarked-checkbox Give a TED Talk.
  • unmarked-checkbox Start a business that generates six figures of income annually.
  • unmarked-checkbox Create an online interactive course.

Action Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go on a blind date.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go snowboarding.
  • unmarked-checkbox Go scuba diving.
  • unmarked-checkbox Sleep under the stars.
  • unmarked-checkbox Start an eating contest.
  • unmarked-checkbox Learn a martial art.

Personal Dreams

  • unmarked-checkbox Get lasik eye surgery.
  • unmarked-checkbox Complete invisalign trays. (current: 11/32)
  • unmarked-checkbox Be in a hollywood film.
  • unmarked-checkbox Be in a TV show.

Meet-And-Greet Goals 

  • unmarked-checkbox Meet Anthony Mychal
  • unmarked-checkbox Meet Mark Manson
  • unmarked-checkbox Meet the POTUS