“The mind is a goal-striving mechanism” – Maxwell Maltz

A goal is a specific, measurable result that you want to produce at a determinable time in the future. Goals are the signposts along the roadway to your dreams. Goals are experiences you have not yet had, places you have not yet been, people you have not met, a level of income you have not achieved, a type of relationship you are not now enjoying, or having something you don’t currently own. When you write down a goal on your list, you define it and make a plan to take the steps necessary to achieve it. You commit yourself to its achievement no matter what roadblocks you encounter. Create goals out of those dreams that:

  • You chose to accomplish within the next year.
  • Are related and necessary to any goals that you would like to accomplish within the next year.
  • You are willing to commit to because they inspire you, excite you, or fulfill a strong desire.

Here are some requirements for the goals:

  • Stated as single, concise sentences beginning with action verbs.
  • Set a realistic target date for the completion of each goal.
  • Specific; defining a goal in terms that create a clear, concise mental picture of what you are after.
  • Measurable; quantify each goal, making it objective instead of subjective.

To make seemingly nonspecific goals more specific, ask yourself these questions:

  • What will the result look like?
  • What signposts will help me know when I’ve accomplished my goal?
  • What am I willing to contribute or change to get the job done?
  • What specific commitments am I willing to make?

Specific results I want to achieve during the next twelve months (Year 2014) in one-sentence statements:

Personal Goals

  • unmarked-checkbox  TRAINING: Commitment to obtaining the lean base and not deviating from it while slow-bulking.
  • unmarked-checkbox DATING: Commitment to completing Mark Manson’s three Online courses with an overview post outlining the process.
  • unmarked-checkbox SOCIAL: Commitment to one social activity every weekend.
  • unmarked-checkbox HOBBIES: Commitment to improving one hobby three times per week.
  • unmarked-checkbox HABIT: Commitment to changing a different habit every month.

Business Goals

  • unmarked-checkbox ONLINE: Commitment to a fully functional stevehumer.com outlining resume, culture code and mission statement.
  • unmarked-checkbox ONLINE: Commitment to a fully functional forum and organizational scheme for Anthony Mychal.
  • unmarked-checkbox ONLINE: Commitment to a free report, paid information product, and released online business project.
  • unmarked-checkbox CAREER: Commitment to a six-month projection set and targeted by manager.
  • unmarked-checkbox FINANCE: Commitment to a fully functional budget, investment strategy and credit card system.