Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. – Carl Trumbell Hayden

A value is something you believe in, feel, or think about yourself. These may change over the years.

Values require that you continually ask yourself:

  • Am I designing my life around what I value the most?
  • Is what I am trying to achieve something I truly value?
  • Am I experiencing any conflict between my goals and my values?
  • Has the accomplishment of goals in the past produced an empty or an excited feeling?

The things I value most, in chronological order, as they relate to my goals and dreams:

  1. Overcoming all of my problems.
  2. Good health.
  3. Controlling my own business.
  4. Travel to exciting places and do exciting things.
  5. Friendships.
  6. Meeting the right person.
  7. Respect from others.
  8. Wealth.
  9. Contributing time, knowledge, or money to others.
  10. Knowing accomplished and successful people.