Hello! Welcome to my personal site, which is a place for me to document and share various aspects of my life – such as my beliefs, experiences, and hobbies.

I opted to track all of this in a public website for a few reasons:

(1) “digital footprint” … as the world continues to rely more on digital channels for interactions and learning, I want to have my own curated “digital brand” that others can view.

(2) “clarity of thought” … due to being public, it forces me to shift from scratchpad thoughts scrambled elsewhere into a polished, organized overview of myself.

In general, I believe in being deliberate about how we live our lives, especially as newer generations have less clearly defined pathways of success. Everything from college, to getting married, to having children, to where we live has been seen as a choice as opposed to a necessity or inevitability.

I also believe that people can continually reinvent themselves and make large life choices, such as career changes, moving cross country, taking up new hobbies, making entirely new friends, and so on. Life is meant to be fluid.

My hope for myself is to make sure my beliefs are expressed through my actions and my choices, and also that my beliefs are continually re-evaluated.

Thanks for checking out my website!